Find out how our tool can help you, read the complete list of Meissa features.

Meissa Features

Parallel on Agents

The tests execution tremendously speeds up from the distribution on multiple machines. However, it can be further improved by executing the tests in parallel on the tests agents. It can parallelize the tests even in a single container.


Runs tests on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Smart Tests Balancing Smartly balances the tests across remote machines based on previous tests execution times which can significantly improve the overall tests runs’ time.

Failing Tests Retry

Retries the failing tests multiple times to see whether there are real problems in the system under tests or some random environment issue occurred during the run. In the end, the tool produces single tests results file. You can specify a threshold %. If more than the specified number of tests are failing, they won’t be retried.

Custom Parameters

Supports passing custom data to your tests through the runner. Like unique CI build number or some specific folder. You will be able to access the data from your tests through environmental variables.

Built-in Extensibility

Executes custom logic without modifying the source code. Offers plug-in API. Test Framework and Programming Language Agnostic Runs tests written on different test frameworks no matter the language- C#, Java, etc. Offers plug-in API.

Single CLI

Single common command-line interface. No complex installations or configurations.

Safe Test Run Abortion

Keeps the clean state of agents and fast test run abortion.