Find out how the tool was born.

Now, it is time for the story of how our company solved the problem. To understand why we created the tool, I need to tell you what we needed to test. Our company specializes in building test automation framework and tooling for web, mobile, desktop, and API. It is not a visual application rather than a set of C# libraries and other tools to speed up writing of tests scripts. My belief is that, when you build a testing tool, you need to make sure it is covered with lots of tests. For example, for the web part, we support 8 browsers, the five major ones and three headless. The web library uses WebDriver in its core but adds many capabilities on top of it, so we have lots of tests related to Selenium grid mode and the integration with the cloud providers. We have tons of other logic that needs to be tested, so we ended up with over 4500 UI tests. I skipped all the unit tests, since they execute quickly. Actually, most of the UI tests are quite fast too, since we use Bellatrix to test itself. But, if we execute them sequentially on a single machine, it takes more than 16 hours to execute them.

16 hours Bellatrix Build

We need to be able to deliver updates a few times a day so this was unacceptable.

4 hours Bellatrix Build Now with Meissa, we execute them in under 4 hours.