When It Is Appropriate to Use and When Not?

MEISSA is not the appropriate choice in many cases, see when it is not a good idea to use it.

When you go to buy bread from the bakery, you don’t go with a shuttle. Same can be applied here. I believe MEISSA is not the appropriate choice in many cases. I will mention a few. If you have only unit tests and they are executed for a few minutes without parallel test execution, then you can use the native tests runners. You don’t need to bother with more machines or changing the tool. Another possibility is, if you are happy with your current solution, and you are satisfied with its speed, stability and usability, you should stick to it. You have built experience using and maintaining it. I am against the usage of new technologies only because they are viral or someone else told me to do so. Maybe you are from this 15% of people that have built something custom and many people/teams in your organisation use it. It may be quite time-consuming to change all your CI builds and train all of your colleagues.